Welcome to Strawberry Hill Properties, LLC.


Strawberry Hill Properties (SHP) is an enterprise involved in all aspects of residential real estate acquisition, restoration and renovation.  SHP is focused on acquiring older homes and restoring or renovating them to a new potential, with modern upgrades and aesthetics, while preserving the homes’ initial character.  Although we can build new, we have a strong focus on renovation and restoration.  Our passion is to identify all the positive features of a home and renovate the property, showcasing many of the unique architectural and structural features that made the property special in the first place.

As a home owner you may be considering selling your home sometime in the short term future.  Whether you have have been in your home for a short period or almost a lifetime, contemplating your next move can be stressful and filled with emotion.  Our desire is for you to get to know us and consider how we can work with you to meet your needs, whether you would like to sell and move quickly or remain in your home for a longer period of time, but with the comforting knowledge that you are all set to move on to your next endeavors.  Ultimately, we know that our reputation will be measured by the respectful manner in which we treat the people with whom we interact and we value those interactions.

We also want you, as the former owner, to be able to return to your neighborhood and point with great pride to the new, upgraded look of your former home.   We are proud of our mission to help preserve neighborhoods and keep the American dream of home ownership in a thriving neighborhood alive.